Lunch time is one of the best times of the day, and here at East Ocean lunch is available from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and our delicious Dim Sum is served from 10 a.m to 2:30 p.m. See below for a preview of our menu or click above for the full menu.

Dim Sum 
(S) Small       小點    $4.75 
(M) Medium 中點     $5.45 
(L) Large      大點     $6.45 
(K) Kitchen   廚點     $8.75 
Steamed Dim Sum
水晶蝦餃皇Steamed Shrimp Har Gow Dumpling
燒賣Steamed Pork & Shrimp Sui Mai Dumpling(M)
什餃Combination Meat Dumpling(M)
珍珠糯米雞Sweet Rice w/ Meat Wrapped in Lotus Leaf(L)
潮州蒸粉粿Steamed Chiu Chow Dumpling w/ Jicama & Peanuts(M)
鮮竹捲Steamed Seafood & Pork Wrapped w/ Bean Curd Skin(M)
豉汁蒸排骨Steamed Black Bean Spareribs(M)
豉汁蒸鳳爪Steamed Chicken Feet w/ Black Bean Sauce(M)
翡翠豆苗餃Pea Sprout & Shrimp Dumpling(L)
上海小籠包Shanghai Dumpling(M)
山竹牛肉球Steamed Beef Meatballs(M)
蒸三星餃Steamed Star Shaped Seafood Dumpling(L)
蒸蟹肉餃Steamed Shrimp w/ Crab Meat Dumpling(L)
蒸叉燒包Steamed BBQ Pork Buns(S)
蒸滑雞包Steamed Chicken & Mushroom Buns(M)
沙爹羅漢齋竹捲Satay Sauce Mixed Vegetable Roll(L)
蒸香茜餃Steamed Cilantro Dumpling(L)
蒸奶黃包Steamed Egg Custard Buns(S)
Steamed Special Egg Bun
Fried & Baked
焗叉燒酥Baked BBQ Pork Pastry Pie(M)
焗叉燒包Baked BBQ Pork Buns(M)
焗奶黃包Baked Egg Custard Buns(M)
香煎韭菜餃Pan Fried Shrimp & Chives Dumpling(L)
蜂巢香芋餃Deep Fried Taro Meat Dumpling(M)
鹹水角Deep Fried Meat Dumpling(M)
鍋貼Pork Pot Stickers(M)
春卷Egg Rolls w/ Pork(S)
炸蝦餃Fried Shrimp Dumpling(L)
鳳尾蝦Fried Shrimp Ball w/ Prawn(L)
香煎蘿蔔糕Pan Fried Turnip Cake(M)
香煎芋頭糕Pan Fried Taro Cake(M)
鬆化榴蓮酥Fried Sweet Durian Puff(L)
芝麻球Sesame Ball w/ Lotus(M)
綠茶流沙球Green Tea Egg Custard Fried Mochi(M)
港式炸油條Fried Bread Stick(S)
金銀饅頭(4)Steamed & Fried Buns(L)
粟米粒蝦餅Shrimp & Corn Pan Cake
Rice Noodle Roll
金沙蝦腸Golden Shrimp Rice Noodles(K)
鮮蝦腸粉Shrimp Rice Noodle (L)
牛肉滑腸粉Beef Rice Noodles(L)
叉燒滑腸粉BBQ Pork Rice Noodles(L)
羅漢齋腸粉Vegetarian Rice Noodles(L)
健康淨腸粉Plain Rice Noodles(L)
香菜滑腸粉Cilantro Rice Noodles(L)
港式炸兩腸粉Fried Bread Stick Rice Noodles(L)    
酥皮蛋撻仔Egg Custard Tarts(M)
酥皮奶撻仔Milk Custard Tarts(M)
擂沙湯圓Sweet black Sesame Seed Mochi(M)
千層糕Steamed Custard Layer Cake (M)
馬拉糕Steamed Sponge Cake(M)
山水豆腐花Steamed Tofu w/ Ginger Syrup(M)
香芒凍布甸Mango Jello(M)
冰凍香蘭糕Green Coconut Jello(M)
元肉杞子糕Longan & Goji Berry Jello(M)
芝麻捲Black Sesame Roll(M)
南瓜餅Pumpkin Lotus Mochi(M)   
椒鹽龍利球Salt & Pepper Fried Fish Fillets
椒鹽鮮魷Salt & Pepper Fried  Calamari(K)
椒鹽豆腐粒Salt & Pepper Fried Tofu(K)
椒鹽中蝦Salted & Pepper Fried Shrimp w/ Shell(K)
椒鹽雞翼Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken Wings(K)
蠔油芥蘭Chinese Broccoli w/ Oyster Sauce(K)
魚香釀茄子Spicy Eggplant Stuffed w/ Pork & Shrimp(K)
Fried Tofu Cubes Stuffed w/ Shrimp(K)
百花煎釀青椒Pan Fried Bell Pepper Stuffed w/ Shrimp  (K)
百花煎釀蘑菇Stuffed Mushroom Caps w/ Pork & Shrimp(K)
豬腳薑Vinegar Pig's Feet w/ Ginger & Egg
海草Seaweed Salad(K)
白灼牛百葉Steamed Beef Tripe(K)
白雲鳳爪Cold Chicken Claws(K)
海蜇熏蹄Jelly Fish w/ Pork Shank(K)
五香牛展Marinated Beef Shank(K)
東海滷水豆腐East Ocean Fried Tofu Strips in  Broth(K)
XO醬腸粉Rice Noodle Roll w/ XO Sauce(K)
五香牛什Beef Stewed Tripes(K)
Lunch Menu
東海煎麵East Ocean Pan Fried Noodles$17.95       
XO肥牛撈麵🌶 Braised Lo-Mein Noodles w/ Beef in XO Chili Sauce$16.95
🌶 Seafood Chow Mein w/ XO Chili Sauce$16.95
菜遠蝦球炒麵Prawns Chow Mein w/ Greens$17.95
蝦龍糊煎麵Pan Fried Noodles w/ Prawns in Lobster Sauce (w/ pork)$17.95
海鮮球湯麵Seafood Noodle Soup$16.95
豉油皇炒麵Chow Mein w/ Supreme Soy Sauce$15.95
蟹肉乾燒伊麵Braised Noodles w/ Fresh Crab Meat$17.95
榨菜鴨絲伊麵Shredded Duck w/ Preserved Greens in Braised E-fu Noodles$17.95
蕃茄牛肉炒麵Tomato Beef Chow Mein$15.95
雞球炒麵Chicken Chow Mein$15.95
黑椒牛柳條炒麵🌶 Shredded Beef Chow Mein w/ Black Pepper$15.95
菜遠班球炒麵Rock Cod Fillet Chow Mein$15.95
什菜炒麵Mixed Vegetable Chow Mein$15.95
羅漢齋炒麵Chinese Buddhist Vegetarian Chow Mein$15.95
豉汁蝦球炒河Prawns w/ Black Bean Sauce Chow Fun$17.95
蝦龍糊煎米Pan Fried Vermicelli Noodles Prawns in Lobster Sauce$17.95
味菜牛肉炒河Preserved Greens w/ Beef Chow Fun$17.95
乾炒牛河Beef Dry Chow Fun$17.95
菜牛炒烏冬Beef Udon Noodles w/ Bok Choy$15.95
星洲炒米🌶 Rice Noodles Singapore Style (curry)$16.95
香心菜牛崧炆米Preserved Vegetables & Beef Rice Vermicelli Noodles$16.95
Rice Noodles w/ Shredded Duck Meat & Preserved Vegetables (mai fun)
薑蔥龍蝦撈麵Lobster w/ Ginger & Scallion NoodlesSeasonal
榨菜鴨絲湯米Shredded Roast Duck w/ Preserved Greens & Rice Noodles Soup$16.95
牛腩湯麵Beef Stew Noodles Soup (20 minutes)$16.95
雲吞湯Won Ton Soup$13.00
窩雲吞Wor Won Ton Soup$15.00
揚州炒飯Yang Chow Fried Rice$17.95
福建炒飯Fook Kin Fried Rice (w/ gravy)$18.95
鴛鴦炒飯Ying Yang Fried Rice (w/ gravy)$18.95
鹹魚雞粒炒飯Salty Fish w/ Diced Chicken Fried Rice$18.95
生炒牛肉飯Minced Beef Fried Rice$15.95
叉燒炒飯BBQ Pork Fried Rice$15.95
蝦炒飯Shrimp Fried Rice$17.95
海鮮粒炒飯Seafood Fried Rice$17.95
瑤柱蛋白炒飯Dry Scallops Egg White Fried Rice$18.95
絲苗白飯Steamed Rice (per person)$2.50
Lunch Special
Monday to Friday (except holidays) | 11:00 am to 2:30 pm 
Served with soup of the day, B.B.Q. pork fried rice or steamed rice Soup not available with take out orders.
蒙古牛肉🌶 Mongolian Beef$11.95
菜遠牛肉Beef w/ Bok Choy$11.95
炒什菜Mixed Vegetables$11.95
咕嚕肉Sweet & Sour Pork$11.95
菜遠班球Fillet Rock Cod Fish w/ Bok Choy$11.95
宮保雞🌶 Kung Pao Chicken w/ Peanuts$11.95
檸檬雞Lemon Chicken$11.95
杏仁雞Almond Chicken$11.95
腰果雞Cashew Chicken$11.95
宮保蝦🌶 Kung Pao Shrimp w/ Peanuts$12.95
蝦龍糊Prawns w/ Lobster Sauce (w/ pork)$12.95
腰果蝦Cashew Nut Prawns$12.95
紅燒豆腐Braised Bean Curd w/ Greens$11.95
炸豆腐四季豆Green Beans w/ Tofu (braised tofu)$11.95
咖哩雞Curry Chicken$11.95
豉椒涼瓜雞球Bitter Melon Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce$11.95
豉椒牛肉🌶 Black Pepper Beef$11.95
西蘭牛肉American Broccoli Beef$11.95
滑蛋叉燒Scrambled Eggs w/ BBQ Pork$11.95