Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day, and ours is available from 6 to 8 p.m. We encourage you to try any of our chef's specialty preparations. See below for a preview of our menu or click above for the full menu.  
東海燒味拼盤East Ocean BBQ Cold PlatterPan Fried Noodles$35.00/$45.00
東海炸拼盤East Ocean Fried Seafood Platter $35.00/$45.00
生炒乳鴿鬆Diced Squab w/ Lettuce Cups (6 cups)$19.95
生炒海鮮鬆Minced Seafood w/ Lettuce Cups (6 cups)$19.95
鍋貼Pot Stickers (6) (w/ pork) $13.00
素鍋貼Pot Stickers (6) (w/ veggie) $13.00
脆皮炸蝦Fried Prawns (12) $17.00
春卷Spring Rolls (4) (w/ pork)(fried)$8.00
素春卷Spring Rolls (4) (w/ veggie)(fried)$8.00
蔥油餅Pan-fried Scallion Pancakes (8)$11.95
脆皮芝士角Cheese Rangoon (fried) (8)$13.95
椒鹽鮮魷Fried Calamari w/ Salt & Pepper$16.00
酥炸生蠔Fried Oysters $16.95
蜜汁叉燒BBQ Pork$16.00
炸雲吞Fried Won Tons (12) $13.00
五香牛展Marinated Beef Shank$13.00
海蜇燻蹄Cured Pork Shank & Jelly Fish (chilled)$16.00
手撕雞Chicken Salad (w/ crushed peanuts)$13.95
椒鹽梨筍Salt & Pepper Fried AsparagusSeasonal
椒鹽雞翼Chicken Wings w/ Salt & Pepper$16.00
Fresh Crab Meat Superior Fish Maw Soup
$25.00/ea  16oz
Bamboo Pith Fresh Crab Meat Deluxe Fish Maw Soup
$22.00/ea  16oz
紅燒雞絲花膠三寶羹Shredded Chicken Deluxe Fish Maw Soup $20.00/ea  16oz
包羅萬有魚肚三寶羹Combination Deluxe Fish Maw Soup (4-6 persons) $40.00  48oz
Double Boiled Herbal Wie-san Silkie Chicken Soup 
蟲草花螺頭燉竹絲雞Double Boiled Herbal Silkie Chicken Soup$68.00/reservation
海鮮鍋巴湯Sizzling Rice Soup w/ Seafood$12.00/S - $16.00/L
酸辣湯🌶 Hot & Sour Soup (w/ pork) $12.00/S - $16.00/L
西湖牛肉羹Westlake Style Beef Soup$12.00/S - $16.00/L
雞粒粟米羹Creamed Corn Chicken Soup$12.00/S - $16.00/L
窩雲吞Wor Won Ton Soup$15.00/S - $20.00/L
叉燒雲吞BBQ Pork Won Ton Soup$13.00/S - $18.00/L
海鮮豆腐羹Combination Seafood & Tofu Soup$14.00/S - $20.00/L
竹笙海皇羹Supreme Seafood Broth w/ Bamboo Piths Soup$14.00/S - $20.00/L
乾隆鴨絲羹Deluxe Imperial Soup w/ Shredded Duck$14.00/S - $20.00/L
韭黃瑤柱羹Dry Scallop Soup$16.00/S - $23.00/L
蟹肉魚肚羹Fish Maw Soup w/ Fresh Crab Meat nom$16.00/S - $23.00/L
每日老火湯Soup of the Day$10.00/S - $15.00/L
粟米蟹肉羹Creamed Corn Crab Meat Soup$16.00/S - $22.00/L
Duck & Squab
北京片皮鴨 (每隻)Peking Duck (whole) w/ Buns $38.00
掛爐燒鴨 (半隻)Roast Duck (half)$17.00
美極鴨下巴Maggi Duck Jaw$16.95
紅燒乳鴿 (每隻)Roast Squab (whole) $21.95
紅燒鵪鶉 (每隻)Roast Quail (whole)$7.00
Mu Shu Pork (6 pancakes) 
Extra Pancakes (each) 
京都焗肉排East Ocean Pork Chops (Peking sauce)$15.95
香橙排骨Pork Chops w/ Orange Sauce$15.95
椒鹽排骨Pork Chops w/ Spicy Salt$15.95
菠蘿咕嚕肉Sweet & Sour Pork$15.95
Steamed Salted Fish Pork Hash (25 min.)
四季豆牛肉String Beans w/ Beef $16.95
薑蔥爆牛柳條Shredded Beef w/ Scallions$15.95
XO醬肥牛肉🌶 XO Beef w/ Homemade Chili Paste$15.95
黑椒牛柳Black Pepper Beef$15.95
中式牛柳East Ocean Medallions of Beef$15.95
菜遠士的球Sirloin Steak Cubes & Chinese Greens$15.95
蒙古牛肉🌶 Mongolian Beef$15.95
蠔油牛肉Oyster Sauce Beef $15.95
菜遠牛肉Baby Bok Choy Beef$16.95
西蘭牛肉American Broccoli Beef$16.95
黑椒牛仔骨🌶 Black Pepper Beef Short Ribs$17.95
沙爹牛肉Satay Beef$15.95
薑蔥牛肉Ginger & Scallions Beef$16.95
芥蘭牛肉Chinese Broccoli Beef$17.95
味菜牛柳絲Shredded Beef w/ Pickled Greens$16.95
豉汁涼瓜牛肉🌶 Bitter Melon Beef in Black Bean Sauce$17.95
梨筍牛肉Asparagus BeefSeasonal
清湯牛腩Beef Stew Slices w/ Turnips in Broth$19.95
當紅炸子雞 (半隻)Crispy Chicken (half)$15.95
金華玉樹雞 (每隻)
Chicken w/ Greens & Ham Slices (whole) (35 min.) 
霸王蔥油雞 (半隻)Special Scallion Chicken (half)(steamed)$15.95
西檸雞脯Lemon Chicken$15.95
腰果雞丁Cashew Chicken$14.95
杏仁雞丁Almond Chicken$14.95
菜遠雞球Baby Bok Choy Chicken$14.95
西蘭雞球American Broccoli Chicken$16.95
雙菇雞球Chicken w/ Fresh & Preserved Mushrooms$14.95
四川雞🌶 Spicy Szechuan Sauce Chicken$14.95
宮保雞丁🌶 Kung Pao Chicken(w/ peanuts)$14.95
咖喱雞球Curry Chicken$14.95
五香芝麻雞Sesame Chicken$15.95
豉油雞 (半隻)Soya Sauce Chicken (half) $15.95
貴妃黃毛雞 (半隻)Steamed Yellow Feather Chicken (half)$15.95
Chinese Broccoli Chicken
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Add Chicken Breast
清蒸龍蝦Steamed Live Maine Lobster w/ Garlic Seasonal
豉汁焗龍蝦Live Maine Lobster w/ Black Bean SauceSeasonal
上湯焗龍蝦Live Maine Lobster w/ Special SauceSeasonal
薑蔥焗龍蝦Live Maine Lobster w/ Ginger & ScallionsSeasonal
豉汁焗大蟹Live Dungeness Crab w/ Black Bean SauceSeasonal
薑蔥焗大蟹Live Dungeness Crab w/ Ginger & ScallionsSeasonal
椒鹽大蟹Live Dungeness Crab w/ Spicy SaltSeasonal
Deep Fried Crab w/ Garlic, Red Chili & Spicy Salt 
菜遠蝦球Prawns w/ Baby Bok Choy$18.95
四川蝦球🌶 Prawns Szechuan Style$17.95
桂林炸蝦丸Fried Shrimp Balls$17.95
椒鹽焗中蝦🌶 Prawns w/ Salt & Hot Pepper (in shell)$17.95
蝦龍糊Prawns w/ Lobster Sauce (with pork)$17.95
宮保蝦球🌶 Kung Pao Prawns (w/ peanuts)$17.95
腰果蝦球Cashew Prawns$17.95
杏仁蝦球Almond Prawns$17.95
蜜桃蝦卷Vanilla Prawns w/ Honey Glazed Walnuts$18.95
金沙南瓜蝦球Golden Egg Pumpkin & Shrimp$22.95
油泡明蝦帶子East Ocean Special Prawns & Scallops$19.95
碧綠蝦帶子Prawns & Scallops w/ Chinese Greens$19.95
豉椒帶子🌶 Scallops w/ Black Bean & Pepper Sauce$19.95
椒鹽帶子Scallops w/ Salt & Hot Pepper$20.95
燒汁菌皇帶子Assorted Mushrooms Sliced w/ Seared Scallop$19.95
什菜海鮮Mixed Vegetables w/ Seafood$18.95
菜遠炒帶子Scallops w/ Chinese Greens$19.95
碧綠鮮鮑片Abalone in Oyster Sauce w/ Chinese Greens$55.00
紅燒婆參鮑魚Abalone & Sea Cucumber w/ Oyster Sauce$55.00
時菜炒魷魚Fresh Squid w/ Chinese Greens$16.95
海鮮麻婆豆腐Seafood Ma Po Tofu$16.95
Steamed Oysters w/ Black Bean Sauce (6 pcs.) (w/ shell) 
薑蔥生蠔Oysters w/ Ginger & Scallions (stir-fry)$17.95
椒鹽生蠔Oysters w/ Spicy Salt (fried)$17.95
生炒蠔豉鬆Diced Dried Oysters w/ Lettuce Cups (6) Seasonal
豉汁炒大蜆Fresh Clams w/ Black Bean Sauce$17.95
辣酒大蜆Szechuan Sauce Clams$17.95
煙焗銀鱈魚Smoked Black Cod Fish (20 minutes)Seasonal
芥蘭斑球Chinese Broccoli w/ Rock Cod Fillet$17.95
菜遠龍利球Fillet of Sole w/ Baby Bok Choy$15.95
椒鹽龍利球Fillet of Sole w/ Spicy Salt$16.95
骨香龍利球Deep Fried Bones w/ Fillet of Sole$38.00
豉汁蒸魽魚🌶 Steamed Catfish w/ Black Bean SauceSeasonal
Bitter Melon Rock Cod Fillet w/ Black Bean Sauce
炸滑豆腐斑球Tofu w/ Rock Cod Fillet (braised tofu)$15.95
Fried Rock Cod Fillet w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce
菜遠斑球Fillet of Rock Cod w/ Baby Bok Choy$15.95
白汁斑塊Fillet of Rock Cod w/ White Sauce$15.95
Vegetable & Tofu
🌶 Diced Tofu in Spicy Meat Sauce (ma po) (pork)
蒸釀豆腐Steamed Stuffed Tofu (stuffed w/ shrimp)$15.95
叉燒豆腐Tofu w/ BBQ Pork in Oyster Sauce$14.95
Braised Tofu w/ Shanghai Cabbage & Black Mushrooms
雞脾菇豆腐Oyster Mushrooms w/ Tofu $15.95
鼎湖羅漢齋Chinese Vegetarian Plate$14.95
什菜Mixed Green Vegetable (+$1.00 add tofu)$14.95
蒜茸芥菜膽Mustard Greens w/ Garlic Sauce$14.95
清炒白菜Stir-fry Bok Choy$14.95
Green Beans w/ Minced Pork & Hot Bean Sauce
Fresh & Preserved Mushrooms w/ Oyster Sauce
炸釀豆腐Fried Stuffed Tofu (stuffed w/ shrimp)$14.95
Chinese Broccoli (w/ wine, garlic or oyster sauce)
北菇扒菜膽Seasonal Vegetable w/ Black Mushroom$15.95
金銀蛋大豆苗Large Pea Sprouts w/ Preserved EggsSeasonal
金蒜大豆苗Special Pea Sprouts w/ Roasted GarlicSeasonal
蒜茸菠菜Spinach w/ Garlic Sauce$15.95
蒜茸通菜Water Spinach (ong-choy) Seasonal
Sizzling Iron Platter
🌶 Sizzling Shredded Beef w/ Black Pepper Sauce
鐵板豆豉雞球Sizzling Chicken w/ Black Bean Sauce$15.95
鐵板薑蔥生蠔Sizzling Oysters w/ Ginger & Scallions$16.95
Sizzling Seafood Combination w/ Black Bean Sauce
Clay Pot
大千海鮮煲🌶 Spicy Seafood Tofu Clay Pot$18.95
海鮮豆腐煲Seafood Tofu Clay Pot$17.95
沙爹海鮮粉絲煲🌶Satay Seafood Vermicelli Clay Pot$17.95
八珍豆腐煲Eight Treasures Tofu Clay Pot$16.95
Oyster w/ Ginger & Scallion Clay Pot (w/ BBQ pork & tofu)
柱候牛腩煲Beef Stew Clay Pot (20 minutes) $16.95
啫啫滑雞煲Chicken Clay Pot (w/ Chinese pork sausage)$16.95
鹹魚雞粒豆腐煲Salty Fish w/ Chicken and Tofu Clay Pot$16.95
魚香茄子煲🌶Eggplant w/ Pork Clay Pot$15.95
Chinese Cabbage & Dry Shrimp Vermicelli Clay Pot
海鮮茄子煲🌶Eggplant w/ Minced Seafood Clay Pot$17.95
梅菜扣肉煲Preserved Vegetables w/ Bacon Clay Pot$17.95
Black Mushroom w/ Sea Cucumber Clay Pot
Noodles & Rice
東海炒麵East Ocean Special Chow Mein$17.95
蝦球炒麵Prawn Chow Mein$17.95
蕃茄牛炒麵Tomato Beef Chow Mein$15.95
雞球炒麵Chicken Chow Mein$15.95
叉燒炒麵BBQ Pork Chow Mein$15.95
星洲炒米粉Singapore Silver Rice Noodles (curry)$16.95
什菜炒麵Mixed Vegetables Chow Mein$15.95
乾炒牛河Beef Dry Chow Fun (or w/ gravy)$17.95
揚州炒飯Yang Chow Fried Rice$17.95
鮮蝦炒飯Shrimp Fried Rice$16.95
叉燒炒飯BBQ Pork Fried Rice $15.95
生炒牛肉飯Minced Beef Fried Rice$15.95
雞炒飯Chicken Fried Rice$15.95
鹹魚雞粒炒飯Chicken & Salty Fish Fried Rice$17.95
福建炒飯Fook Kin Style Fried Rice$18.95
鴛鴦炒飯Ying Yang Fried Rice$18.95
瑤柱蛋白炒飯Dried Scallops Egg Whites Fried Rice$18.95
白飯Steamed Rice (per person)$2.50
香芒布甸Mango Pudding$7.95
脆奶炸香蕉Crispy Fried Banana$7.95
麻薯冰淇淋Mochi Ice Cream$5.00
冰淇淋格子鬆餅Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich$5.00