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East Ocean offers an extensive menu, which features many Hong Kong style soups, poultry, vegetables, tofu, beef, pork, and seafood dishes. East Ocean is also known for roasting Peking Duck and BBQ Pork in their kitchen. To promote freshness, all meats and seafood items are processed and prepared on site.

For live seafood selections, our aquarium displays a variety of farmed-raised fish, including Rock Cod, Sturgeon, Black Bass, Tilapia, Catfish, Maine Lobster & Dungeness Crab. We also offer live Spot Prawns, Long Neck Clams (Geoduck) and Giant Clams when in season and available. Live seafood items can be prepared in a number of delicious ways.

Try one of our chefs' specialty preparations:

  • Steamed or wok stir-fried with ginger and scallions
  • Cooked with house-prepared black bean sauce
  • Broiled and served with a spicy soya sauce dip
  • Wok stir-fried with chives, ginger, carrots and celery
  • And the most popular—wok deep-fried with spicy salt
  • Or wok deep-fried with garlic spiced with red chili peppers.

Dinner Menu items are available from:
11:00 am - 2:30 pm and
5:00 pm - 9:3 0pm




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